Your efforts are minimal when you use Painting Contractors Alabama.

We provide 1 phone number, 1 contact person and best yet, 1 project manager.

silo cleaning and painting


Each of our clients has the following in common:

Their initial contact for information or pricing was with me.
References, insurance certificates and tax documents are handled by me.
Scheduling was with me.Their project was supervised on site by me.
Invoicing; for a job done to their satisfaction and beyond, was done by me.
Their issues; although rare, are heard and rectified by me.

Some of Our Valued Customers:

  • CKS Packaging
  • Chemical Lime
  • Contech
  • Headwaters Resources
  • KW Plastics
  • Perdue
  • Pilgrims Pride
  • Sessions Company
  • Sanders Lead
  • Wayne Farms
  • Walmart
  • Bekins
  • Daleville Board of Education
  • Halla climate systems
  • Flowers hospital
  • HB&G •Nutcracker foods
  • Polyquest
  • Winpak films
  • Willamette Valley Company

If you are interested in our painting and coating services, you have any questions, or you’d like to request additional information, please contact us, or fill out our online inquiry form.

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